Why Covey & Nye?

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Sounds like two gentlemen who got together in 1905 and started a fine gun shop, or a couple of business partners who started a retail clothing store. Well, if that’s what people want to think, that’s just fine with us. But the back story is actually a more interesting one to the upland hunter. Covey & Nye in point of fact pays tribute to the two general categories of shotguns—lightweight field hunting guns and high volume sporting/driven shotguns. For those who love to hunt upland birds, the reason we’ve trained our dog since it was a puppy is to go out in the field and flush a “covey” (flock) of quail or grouse. For those who enjoy manning a peg on a driven and shooting to our heart’s content, our excitement grows thinking about that “nye” (flock on the ground) of pheasant that are getting ready to fly as the flushers and beaters start coming their way.