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Explore Our Impressive Collection of Collectible and Vintage Guns.

The Covey & Nye Show Room contains an absolutely brilliant spectrum of fine guns that will amaze and delight the avid shotgun collector, the passionate upland hunter, and the clay target shooter alike. We have a world-class assortment of collectible and vintage guns, please drop by to view our library of fine shotguns and rifles.

A Note From Lars Jacob

pg_0063Our Guns Connect You with a Glorious Sporting Past

There are many reasons to appreciate fine guns. For those who want a reminder of their best days in the woods and fields, it is the feel of the stock and barrel in our hands, the liveliness of the action, and the memories of a beautiful and misty autumn morning. For those who appreciate history, a vintage gun makes us feel part of a glorious sporting past, and invokes a strong sense of curiosity and mystery (oh, if these guns could just talk). And for those in awe of the quality of these fine guns, it is about the artist who rendered the metal engravings, who crafted the woodwork, and who spent countless hours creating gun designs that can rival works found in any gallery or museum.

Whatever drives your passion, there is one thing we can all agree on—there is nothing like owning a fine gun.

—Lars Jacob,
Expert Shotgun Instructor