ayaThe AYA line of high quality shotguns is one of the most complete offered by any gunmaker in the world today. There is literally something for everyone, from hunters of all kinds of small game, to competitive live-bird and clay-target shooters. AYA makes double-barreled shotguns in both side-by-side and over-and-under models, with either boxlock or sidelock actions. They range in price from affordable boxlocks to sidelock masterpieces that are some of the most exquisite examples of fine gunmaking to be found anywhere. Every gun in the AYA line has been tested and proven by time.

A work of art does not just happen. First, an idea is born in the mind of the artist. This idea takes a physical form through a combination of experience, artistry and inspiration. The joy of the discerning owner is in appreciating the skill wich has created the masterpiece he now possesses. This has always been true of AYA shotguns. AYA shotguns, built in Eibar, the birthplace of Spanish gunmaking, are designed for those who know to value and distinguish genuine quality.

Every AYA is made by hand—each part carefully fitted to every other part, filed to minute tolerances the “thickness of a layer of smoke.” The gunmaker smokes the steel, fits the parts, then removes metal one file stroke at a time until the two parts fit as one. Gradually, the steel parts are brought together into one perfect whole: barrels, frame, trigger guard, forend. The fine walnut stock and forend are carefully shaped and inletted at the hands of our master stockers. Finally, the steel is engraved using the most traditional tools of the artist.

The result: A gun that is itself a work of art, as individual as its owner. The gun room is open by appointment only. Contact us to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you might have.