ladiessporterProper gun-fitting is predicated on dimensions, and shotguns have always been manufactured to fit the proportions of the average male. That means a proper gunfitting for a female requires significant alterations.

Women generally have higher cheek bones, longer necks and smaller hands than their male counterparts. The construct of the female anatomy also means that the toe of the stock will dig into a woman’s chest without adjustment. With the ladies market the fastest growing demographic in shotgun sports, it’s surprising that fine gun makers haven’t properly designed a gun specifically purposed for a female shooter.

Until now… Meet the Perazzi Ladies Sporter: A sporting gun (for clay shooting), as well as a high-volume game gun (for driven bird and dove hunts) designed just for women.

Covey & Nye’s own Lars Jacob, along with Perazzi USA Director Al Kondak, have jointly developed the Perazzi Ladies Sporter. This revolutionary fine shotgun based on Perazzi’s popular MX-20, is manufactured with a standard dimension that is geared to the average female, not the typical male. Not only does this alleviate the amount of gunfitting adjustments required, but weight, balance and ergonomics are designed with the lady shooter in mind.

The article is a good start for women who want to explore how the Sporter can improve their shooting and comfort. The next step is to talk directly to the guns’ co-designer Lars Jacob, who can be reached by calling Covey & Nye at 802-549-4848 or email. The gun room is open by appointment only. Contact us to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you might have.