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Welcome to Covey & Nye’s sportsman’s resource room—The Country Sporting Life.


Here you will find everything you need to know about country sports, fine guns, wing and clay shooting, the latest in the field fashion and upland gear, as well as general news, musings, and expert advice from the the nation’s most respected sources.

Covey & Nye is a premier retailer for upland apparel, footwear and accessories. We specialize in fine guns, gun-fitting, and wing and clay shooting instruction. Our store features hunting and fashion apparel from fine brands such as Filson, Beretta, Purdey, Hunter, Holland & Holland, Dubarry, Peter Millar and Le Chameau. Our shooting grounds, Dutch River Club, offers authentic driven-pheasant shooting, continental hunts, the finest flighted mallard program, and a Sport Shooting Complex where lessons, gun fittings, and pre-hunt warm ups are held.

For more information, visit our flagship store in Manchester, Vermont, send us an email, or call us at (802) 549-4848.

All Things Upland

Covey & Nye’s Guides to Country Sports, Fashion, Fine Shotguns and Rifles, and Much More


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Lars’ Corner

Lars Jacob is one of the nation’s foremost clay and wingshooting experts. When’s he not in our gunroom, out in the field, or crafting his own guns, Lars can be found sharing his passion for the history of the sport and offering up tips for sportsmen of every. View Lars’ expert tips and advice.

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The Sporting Blog

At Covey & Nye, we take great pride in providing valuable information to our friends and fellow sportsmen. The Sporting Blog is our place for sharing our collective knowledge about shooting and shotguns, as well as trends in country living and upland attire. View The Sporting Blog.

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Covey News

Like our customers and friends, we’re inspired by upland living and the country life. Our newsroom is where you’ll find the latest news and specials from Covey & Nye and the brands we carry, as well as articles and information about the land and activities that inspire us. Visit our newsroom.