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Expert advice on wing and clay shooting, shotguns, and shooting culture

Welcome to my little corner of Covey & Nye. Here I will give you tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years as a shooting instructor. As with many things in life, the more knowledge you have, the more prepared you will be for your next hunt or round of clays. If you have a specific question or problem, don’t hesitate to contact me or stop into the store and I’ll be happy to help you. Come back often for more articles.  – Dylan Snell, Shooting Programs Manager



grouseShooting Behind- By Dylan Snell

A classic mistake and often a huge source of frustration for the beginner and intermediate shotgunner is shooting behind the target. There are numerous reasons that one might shoot behind, but from experience, one of the biggest reasons is that the shooter is focused on the wrong thing. It’s vitally important the the shotgunner remember that we point shotguns, not aim them. – View more

There Are No Trees – By Lars Jacob

A good friend of mine came into the Ptarmigan gun room the other day. He is an absolute master with a fly rod and a decent shot with a shotgun. Being from the south he is very comfortable in the dove fields, but New England grouse covers intimidated him and the wylie gruff had always eluded him. Until now. “I got my first grouse Lars. I just had to stop poking at him at the first window of opportunity and swing with the bird like there were no trees”.View More

peekingPeeking – By Lars Jacob

“Peeking” is an expression used by wing shooters for lifting the head and looking high over the gun just before shooting. As the eye raises over the breach of the gun the muzzle subconsciously follows. This creates a gun that is pointing higher than the eye is looking. – – View More